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World energy consumption has risen 45% since 1980 and it is projected to be 70% higher by 2030! We can build a long-lasting energy strategy for a growing performance, while preserving the environment. Solar Energy shows the most long term promise for solving the world’s every problem.

Customer specific power plants ranging from “500 KW and above”.

Our approach to technology is one of constant research, development and innovation. To create products that deliver high performance and reliability in varied operating environments, we employ the best expertise in every field of development in the wind energy. World-class design and state-of-the-art facilities in India.
Seven Energies- focuses on providing a full range of efficient, cost effective wind energy solutions. Using the support and talent of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic workforce.

Seven Energies -operations and maintenance teams are committed to extracting longer life spans and higher returns from every wind turbine. We offer a comprehensive range of value-added services and solutions. Our operations and maintenance efforts ensure energy yield optimization in accordance with onsite climate and grid conditions.

Hydro energy is growing at a fast pace in India. As a result there is a critical need for equipment, skills and consulting expertise. We can help your company in identifying the most suitable suppliers for these areas in around India.

Our services include:

  • Understanding the needs fully and suggesting available sourcing areas
  • Suggesting suitable suppliers who can be your long term business associates
  • Coordinating level-1 interactions between your organization and the vendor organizations

Sourcing assistance provided for:

  • Small Hydro-electric plant implementation companies and consultants
  • Hydro turbine manufacturers and suppliers
  • Other equipments and components required for small and micro-hydro electric plants.
Our Offerings

A. Project Application Advisory

  • Field study at prospective site location with visual and hand held instruments – orientation, solar, wind, climatic, soil condition, water, power source & power evacuation, general topography, terrain, shadowing, geographical features (dimensioned plot plan to be provided by client)
  • Development of technical proposal for the specific location identified based on the above study – plant capacity, configuration, Photovoltaic modules and supporting arrangement, plant electrics, inverters, Low Voltage Electrical Circuit, Auxiliary Circuit, Protection and Energy Meters, Earth System, Medium Voltage Ring, Transformation Unit, Grid Connection, Monitoring system, Surveillance system etc.
  • Estimation of electrical generation duly considering the ambient conditions and expected losses - Coupling losses, Dust losses, Angular/Spectral losses, Voltage losses, Nominal power losses, Inverter efficiency losses, Maximum Power Point Tracking losses, Shadow losses, temperature losses etc.
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining the power evacuation arrangement with state transmission utility based on substation configuration with plant electric system
  • Facilitate the process of submission of “Request for Selection” at Nodal Agencies to obtain in-principle approval (Net worth documentation to be taken care by the client)
  • Facilitate the process of procurement of the land from state infrastructure agency
  • Interfacing with Government and related departments for securing LOI

B. Project Bidding Advisory

  • Development of Detailed Project Report (DPR) covering complete cost and commercial aspects
  • Capital cost evaluation supported by quotations from vendors for major supplies and services
  • Operating costs with supported by quotations from vendors for major supplies and services
  • Project Organization during Implementation and Operation stages
  • Project Schedule in Microsoft Project template with L2 level detailing and interdependence of activities
  • Revenue stream evaluation considering the base tariff and estimated power generation details
  • Cost of debt as per norms fixed by IREDA/ MNRE
  • Financial model considering the above inputs
  • Risk assessment and mitigation methods
  • Suggested maximum discount (that can be offered) by the client (final confidential decision to be taken by the client during competitive bidding process).
  • Facilitate during the process competitive bidding

C. Project Approval Advisory Service

  • Detailed site study on solar energy levels
  • Facilitate the process of PPA signing with NVVN (NTPC Vidyut Vyappar Nigam Ltd)
  • Facilitate the process of financial closure for equity and debt – from Indian and External sources
  • Facilitate suitable Project Implementation Company – SPV, JV, Consortium, ..
  • Detailed Risk analysis and mitigation methods with all tie ins
  • Any other service as evolved in techno-commercial management

D. Project Implementation Service

  • Complete Project Implementation on any of the following modes
    • Turnkey EPCC Mode (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning) at mutually agreed LS Price
    • Project Management Mode (Fees as % of cost + sharing of saving over Target Project Cost)

E. Project Operation Service

  • Operate and Maintain the Project
  • Maximize the power generation
  • Minimize the plant downtime
  • Periodic and Planned maintenance to prolong the degradation
  • Total plant management
  • Client interface and collections on behalf of promoter
Our Unique Selling Proposition
  • Comprehensive Range of Services from End to End including the O&M over the Project Life
  • Multi Disciplinary Strengths
  • 144 Man-years of professional experience in Management of Engineering Projects
  • Leveraging on Project Management experiences in “Unique Mega Projects at Extreme Locations”
  • Transfer the High Product Quality from “Shop” to “Site” to maximize the Project Life
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