Our Profile

We, a group of professional Engineers and Architects, together forming the SEVEN ENERGIES team. We have uniqueness with varied perspectives and talents in the ENERGY and INFRASTRUCTURE sectors. We provide solutions to society and to the mankind with new ideas and experiences for the high end needs of the human necessities.

We believe that the diversity of our people makes us stronger and better, able to serve our clients. When our people excel, our clients succeed. Our focus is on building productive, collaborative and lasting relationships with Government, Business partners, Customers and Communities.

Valuing differences creates our competitive edge.

Developed a gated community
Uppal, Hyderabad Area developed.

A commercial RMC venture since 2007
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
Specialists in rehabilitation of civil structures, retro fitting, fire proofing
and renovation of marine structures
Experience for over 20 years
Pioneers in undertaking underwater repairs to affected areas of structures
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