Seven Energies

Seven Energies, a Renewable energy company group of professionals Engineers and Architects, are together forming the SEVEN team where we have uniqueness with varied perspectives and talents in ENERGY and INFRASTRUCTURE sectors. We provide solutions to society and the mankind with inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas and experiences.

We trust, respect and support each other and strive to earn the trust of our stakeholders; focus on building productive, collaborative and lasting relationships with Government, Business partners, customers and communities.

Intending to create a world where no fossil fuels are burnt for energy needs of mankind. We value human needs and we strive to meet today’s needs with out sacrificing those of next generation’s natural assets.
We value the emerging INDIA with SOLAR POWER GENERATING agenda, to be a part in shifting the current human dependency from the fuel based energy to renewable energy which lasts for ever.
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